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How to Make Squeeze Pages That Double Your Opt-ins

The sole purpose of a squeeze page is to encourage your site’s visitors to give you their contact information. Not having a page that capitalizes on your site’s traffic means losing out on a ton of potential sales and new business. When employed correctly, squeeze pages work as great lead qualifiers, and they can also help you segment your target audience. Below are five elements that will make your squeeze pages more enticing to visitors.

1. Create Worthy Content

While visitors are typically quicker to offer you their email addresses as opposed to their money, it doesn’t mean that they’ll do so readily. And why should they give you a channel to contact them? What do you have to offer them? Think of the types of things that your target audience would find valuable, such as free product samples, exclusive deals/sales, member-only content, access to private events, etc. Visitors need to be able to justify giving you their details, so whatever you’re giving them needs to be perceived as a high-value offering. Show them how your products solve their problems or somehow enhance their lives.

2. Keep it Brief

High-performing squeeze pages are typically brief and include messaging that is relevant and concise. Don’t burden your visitors with blocks of irrelevant text and visuals that add nothing to guiding them towards your CTA (call-to-action). Every piece of content on your squeeze page should serve a clear purpose. Anything more will only annoy your readers by forcing them to scan your content to get to the meat and potatoes.

Give them what they need to take action, which is why your product is super fabulous and how they can get their hands on it.

3. Whet Their Appetite

Sometimes providing prospects with a small gem of value can be enough for them to quickly fill out your opt-in form with little reserve. Perhaps you have a 10-page how-to guide and you offer a glimpse at the first two pages, or maybe you give away a three-day trial on a new service offering. Allowing people to determine the worth of your offering for themselves can not only help to get pre-qualified leads, but it makes converting them even easier.

4. Don’t Ask for the World

New visitors are unfamiliar with your site and they haven’t established a sense of trust with your products or brand yet. That being stated, don’t ask them for a lot of detail when trying to get their contact information, as this can make filling out your forms seem too cumbersome to quick-searching web browsers and deter them from opting in at all. Forms asking for addresses, company names, and their referral sources can make them think that whatever you’re offering isn’t worth the effort.

Focus on just getting their first name and their email address. After you capture this information and start to engage and build trust with them through outreach, then you’ll be able to more easily obtain additional contact details from them. Remember, baby steps!

5. Create Custom CTAs

Why use the typical “click here” and “sign up now” buttons when you can garner more excitement about your offerings with custom phrases? They can help you create a sense of urgency for your offer while reminding your them of why your offer is so important. Check out the examples below:

  • “Reserve your seat at the event today!”
  • “Start my free streaming trial.”
  • “Get your free guitar tuner now!”
  • “Send me my kitchen knife guide now!”

Listing your offering in your CTA works as a nifty one-line recap of what your visitors are gaining by giving you their details.

Squeeze pages can essentially serve any purpose that you want them to. The important things to remember are to keep them short and to the point, and to create high-value offerings that are enticing enough to make your visitors say “yes” to opting in. Happy selling!

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