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5 Secrets to Great Content Marketing

What makes content great? Is it the proper string of words, or the alluring call-to-action? Is it the technical side which comprises keyword use and length? Content marketers and businesses have long been trying to unlock the puzzle to great content marketing strategies, but it seems like only a few get to the top. It is no secret that the better you make content for your website, the better it will rank in search engines. And a lot of people already know the benefits of ranking well in search engines:

  • It can bring customers who are really looking for your service;
  • It can reduce marketing costs as getting ranked in search engines is considered free, organic advertising;
  • It will also help you spread awareness about your brand as more people see your website.

Having mentioned all these benefits, it is important to know what makes Google and its users love your website.

It turns out that there is no definite formula, but observing websites that rank, a lot of businesses can gain insight on which secrets work and which ones are a complete bluff. Here are five secrets to great content marketing.

The Five Secrets of Great Content

1. Always have detailed, long-form posts

Long-form posts are always loved by search engines because they provide detailed and useful content. Users love long-form posts especially if they are looking for step-by-step guides to solve their problems. In order to have a chance at creating great content, you need to break down your posts into at least four to five parts, containing each of these sections described in an in-depth manner:

  • An eye-catching introduction that presents the problem and how your post can answer the problem
  • Explaining the benefits of solving the problem
  • Discussing the steps to solve the problem
  • Adding other relevant details
  • Having an effective call-to-action

Note that each of these sections very useful in creating a detailed post. Do not miss any of these to create articles for your website.

2. Use a tone that matches your business goals

Do you want to come across as an approachable business? Then it may be useful to have a persona who serves to create a conversational tone in your blogs. If you want to come across as a professional-sounding business, you can opt to have a business tone. Each company has different goals for their content marketing, and tone is essential in order to capture the attention of your ideal clients.

Also be wary of changing the tone of your content. Being consistent in the tone of your articles helps you to retain your readers’ attention which will most likely convert into customers.

3. Use more than one type of media

Nobody wants to read a whole block of text with no other forms of media to support it. To help improve the quality of your articles, you can add supporting short videos, podcasts, and infographics to make it interesting. A lot of readers first scan the content to see if it has something that can catch their attention. If all they see is a wall of text, it may be difficult for them to stay glued to your website. Breaking the content and adding various forms media will help turn your articles from boring into interesting.

4. Have a goal for each content you post

Writing content and having no goal specific goal for its use is like writing a great article on paper and throwing it in the garbage. Sure, it may get traction in terms of views, but it may be missing out on its real value if you don’t have the specific goals that would make your content cohesive. Some of the most common goals that content marketers use all the time are:

  • Making users sign up for their e-mail list
  • Promoting a product or a service
  • Giving awareness about your company or a brand
  • Providing useful information related to your business

These content goals are one of the most profitable ones for your business as it gives a specific call-to-action that drives interested readers to stay connected with you or avail of your offers.

5. Establish integrity in your posts

Last but definitely not the least, is instilling the value of integrity in your post. In any business, a reputation takes time to build, but only seconds to destroy it. You should be careful in what kinds of advice you post in your articles, as well as the things you promote. People can sense a business that merely wants to earn money versus those who truly provide value in their lives. Set your business apart by providing factual information, unbiased statistics, and honest to goodness strategies that will help your potential consumers.

By doing these simple strategies and thoughtfully applying them to each article you post for your business, you are sure to turn your content from so-so to being truly great.

Angeline Gormley
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