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Local SEO Strategies: How to Maximize Your Brand’s Visibility Online

Implementing a local SEO strategy is an essential part of your company’s online marketing plan. In fact, 85 percent of consumers use the internet to search for local services.

Ignoring local SEO is like planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your business without mailing invitations. If your company’s goal is to attract local customers who need your service, you must invite them to the party.

Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Local SEO

To maximize your company’s chances of being found online by local customers, your marketing team must develop a local SEO plan. The following strategies will help you get the most out of local SEO.

1. Optimize your company’s local listings for voice search.

In recent years, voice search technology has become a convenient way for teens and adults to conduct searches on their mobile devices. According to ComScore, within the next three years, it is estimated that 50 percent of search engine queries will be conducted by voice command.

There are a few reasons customers are attracted to this technology. It’s faster than typing keywords into a device, and it provides users with the ability to multi-task.

Adapting your local listings to attract voice search queries is a simple process. You can start by including natural language into your company’s website.

Instead of focusing on short keywords that describe your service or product, you should include longer phrases in your content that customers use for inquiries.

If you were to own a bakery, for example, and an iPhone user asks Siri, ” What is the best bakery in Dubai?”, optimize the content on your site to include “best bakeries in Dubai”.

Another strategy for voice content optimization is to include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your site. Make a list of commonly asked questions by customers in your industry. Include the questions and responses on the designated page.

As voice-recognition technology advances, it is sure to become the wave of the future. Become an early adapter and ride this wave as quickly as possible.

2. Create a Google My Business profile.

Google possesses the lion’s share of search engine traffic. By getting noticed on Google, you will become a part of the 2 trillion annual searches.

Google My Business is a company profile tool that offers more than a few benefits for local customers.

  • The service is free.
  • Customers can perform a search and immediately find your business listing.
  • You can list your business in different local service areas. This is a useful feature if your business has more than one location.
  • If your business relocates, or your phone number changes, you can quickly update your profile to reflect those changes.
  • Your profile is shareable across multiple Google platforms.
  • Customers are presented with important information about your business such as its location, telephone number, driving directions, website, and hours of operation.

Google makes it easy for you to create a business profile. Visit the Google My Business website to register for a free listing.

3. Interact with customers on social media.

It is not enough to create social media profiles; you must actively engage with your followers. This includes posting content at regular intervals, responding to inquiries, and carefully curating relevant content.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be challenging. If you do not have the resources to be actively engaged on several sites, select a social media site and master it.

4. Publish unique content on your site.

Savvy customers are attracted to high-quality content. Long gone are the days in which you could publish rehashed content on your site and keep the interest of site visitors.

Not only do customers dislike unoriginal content, but Google also will not rank your site if you publish content that is derived from other online sources. To avoid being penalized by search engines, curate your content wisely.

5. Get inbound links from trusted local sites.

Search engines are eager to promote authoritative and credible businesses. A smart way to increase your company’s authority is to establish links to your website from other credible sources.

Here are a few action items you can implement to get legitimate inbound links.

  • Incorporate links to your website in newsletters and other correspondence to your customers.
  • Exchange links with sites that are relevant to your company’s services.
  • Sponsor events for local businesses or charitable organizations. Encourage the participants to blog about the events and share links from their sites to yours.

When used properly, local SEO strategies can maximize your brand’s online visibility and increase your company’s bottom line.

Mohamed Alazzawy
About Mohamed Alazzawy
Mohamed is a Senior Search Planner at Sandstorm Digital FZE working on high profile accounts such as National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), Etisalat, Meraas, City Index and Souqalmal.com. His experience includes both the technical and content aspects of SEO.
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