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Want to Improve Your SEO Rank? Learn How to Use a Content Silo

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, people often place their content randomly within a website or blog, but this mistake will reduce the effectiveness of any SEO effort. If you would like to combat this problem so that you don’t fall into the same trap, then learning how to use a content silo is a smart move. You can have as many content silos as you need, but you must finish each one before moving to the next. The best part about content silos is that the pattern is the same for every industry. With the right plan, you will distribute your domain authority evenly to each page of content, but you will also make it easy for people to navigate through your website.

The first article within a silo will include the main keyword for which you would like to rank. As with any SEO content, ensure that anything you publish is high-quality, offering value to the audience. When crafting the first page of a silo, you will want to link to three additional sections of your website, using an anchor text that includes other keywords that you want to target. But each keyword that you use needs to appear natural if you don’t want to risk getting penalized.

With the first silo page created successfully, you are ready to pay attention to the subsections of your site. The keyword on which you will focus will be the same keyword that you used in the anchor text. Each subpage will only link to one page that is related to the main keyword. For example, if the main keyword in a subsection is dog training, other articles in the same silo would target similar phrases, such as teaching your dog to sit, stopping your dog from barking and discouraging your dog from begging for food.

At the most, each silo should contain between three to five subsections. The last page of content for each category will link to the first page of the next section. Like before, every link that you create must use the keyword of the next page as the anchor text. When you are using a content silo to improve your SEO plan, never link to any other pages from your subsections. If you link to pages randomly, Google might have trouble determining the relevance of your content. On the other hand, staying on the right path makes it easy for Google’s spiders to crawl your domain.

If you have never used a content silo, it might seem complicated at first glance, but taking your time will allow you to use this tactic with ease. Once you complete your first content silo, you can create extra silos if you would like to rank for additional keywords. When you build backlinks, point them to the main page of each silo. Many business owners and marketers have experienced the benefits of using silos to host content, and you can do the same. Once you test it for yourself, you will be impressed by the results

Ahmed Ibrahim
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Ahmed is Managing Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Sandstorm Digital FZE. Ahmed manages the day to day operations of the agency out of our office in Cairo, Egypt. Ahmed's experience includes 10 years of online marketing and advertising, focusing on Arabic SEO, CRO, SEM and Social Media.
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