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5 Must-Discover Audience Analytics Tools for Buyer Persona Sleuths

Are you responsible for digging up details on buyer personas for your company’s content marketing team? Are you on the hunt for tools that can ensure your owned media is targeted at specific customers within your sales funnel? There are a number of audience analytics tools you can consider adding to your marketer’s resource list. Following are five tempting targeting tools you might want to consider:


Oraquo offers social listening tools to help you better understand your audience. Features include data tracking across multiple platforms/networks, audience segmentation tools, qualitative/quantitative analysis of data, and conversation context analysis.


Union Metrics

If understanding your brand’s followers on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter will help your team craft content that converts, Union Metrics should definitely be on your must-investigate list. Offering analytics tools for numerous social media platforms, Union Metrics can help ensure the content you create is targeted at very specific stages within your sales funnel.



Smync provides an analytics platform that helps you identify your brand’s best connections on social media. Whether you’re hoping to target buzz-building connections or soon-to-be-sales connections, Smync can help accelerate the process. Features include influencer segmentation, competitor analysis, and audience targeting.



If part of your brand outreach strategy is targeting potential customers via owned media on a company mobile app, Previsio is worth digging into. Previsio offers mobile audience analytics. Features include customer acquisition tracking, app activation monitoring, user retention scoring, and revenue monitoring.



Another excellent audience analysis tool for mobile-engaged brands is 42Matters. Numerous resources are offered including an audience profiler, a market discovery tool, and an all-in-one app development platform. Discover brand-specific audience details on Google Play and iTunes in an effort to serve your brand’s mobile app content to the most relevant users.


These are just five audience analytics tools you can consider integrating into the development of your company’s buyer persona strategy. The better you are able to target a specific buyer during a specific stage of your sales funnel, the higher your conversion rates are likely to be. Do you think any of the above-listed resources will help your marketing team serve more targeted content in an effort to increase sales?

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