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Our approach to PPC management is a holistic one.  Our tried and tested gold-standard methodology coupled with the best tools on the market translates into higher conversions and better ROI.

Our ultimate aim is to decrease your reliance on PPC over time.  Therefore early integration with SEO is key to success.  

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We Are Experts in Optimising For Quality

The overall quality score of your campaigns is very important to us.  Our team of Google-qualified experts are focused on ensuring your campaigns meet the highest standards in adherence to the rules placed by Google on advertisers.

In a nutshell, Google’s PPC algorithm is as follows:

Position = Cost Per Click X Quality Score

Translated,  the higher your quality score the better the position of your advertisement.

Factors that influence your ad’s quality score include:

    • Quality of ad text
    • Click though rate of your ad (ctr)
    • Quality and relevancy of your ad’s landing page

Our Team

We have the expertise and know how to manage all the above factors to achieve the highest possible ROI for your organization.

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