A well optimised affiliate marketing program can compliment your online marketing activities to drive more targeted sales and leads.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing method used to reward affiliate websites for the visitor or customers they send to your website. An affiliate programme is usually run by a “network” that manages the retailer/brand’s offers for the affiliate to choose from. The networks take care of the payments to the publishers (Affiliates) based on agreed performance metrics such as a confirmed sale.

Why it’s important

With Affiliate marketing you have the opportunity to multiply your web marketing efforts by having hundreds (if not thousands) of “affiliates” assisting you in marketing your brand and offers. If managed properly, your affiliate programme can generate a huge amount of extra revenue by tapping into the loyal audiences of publisher websites related to your niche. Affiliate marketing also allows you to extend your reach and build awareness to your brand

What you’ll receive from us

In a typical Affiliate marketing engagement, expect to receive the following from us:

  • Your very own team of experienced account managers who understand what makes an affiliate tick
  • Production management and optimisation of your creative assets to support your campaigns
  • Monthly bespoke reports highlighting the performance of your affiliate programme and providing optimisation insights
  • Ongoing recommendation to recruit more quality affiliates to promote your business
  • Strategic integration with your offline activity such as TV and press.

How you’ll know you succeeded

The success of an Affiliate marketing programme is primarily judged on performance (based on the agreed KPIs) . A successful campaign will see the number and quality of your affiliates grow over time along with a steady growth of new business generated by existing and newly-recruited affiliates.

Our experienced team of affiliate marketers will ensure that your campaign offer is lucrative enough to attract the highest quality affiliates interested in marketing your product or service.

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