Marketing in a new age requires an investment in digital branded content.

In the past, branded content came in the form of advertisements that broadcast the brand message via outlets including TV, radio, press and outdoor channels such as billboards.

In this day and age, and with the proliferation of online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, your consumer’s attention span is fragmented and in most cases, they’re no longer tolerant of brands with overly ‘salesy’ messages.

Adding Value to the Funnel

To reach new age consumers, your brand must produce and market timely, useful and relevant content that adds value to the sales funnel.  This content must fulfill a certain need in your customer’s life and must be marketed to your audience on her platform of choice.

At Sandstorm we help plan and produce content that tells your story and market it on the most effective platform to drive your prospects along the sales funnel towards your goals and objectives.

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The Content Planning Matrix

Digital content comes in various formats and works in different ways.  For instance, studies show that audio-visual content works best during the consideration stage of the buying cycle, while longer form content such as white papers and buying guides work best during the ‘closing’ stage of the sales cycle.

Your content plan must be reflective of these studies and this is why as part of an engagement with Sandstorm Digital, you’ll receive your very own content planning matrix similar to the generic (example) one from Eloqua found on the right (click twice to expand it to full size).

Your Brand Editorial Calendar

In a new age, brands must think like publishers.  Publishers use editorial calendars to effectively plan and publish their content throughout the year, so must brands.  A well planned and carefully crafted editorial calendar can also help drive more traffic to your site.

Once we’ve mapped out the type of content that needs to be produced to support your brand story and sales message, we help produce and manage your brand editorial calendar.

As part of a content marketing engagement with Sandstorm Digital, you’ll get access to one of the world’s leading content planning tools; Divvy HQ.  Below is what this tool interface would look like.

content calendar tool

Ready to push on?

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