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8 Tools and Services for Running Effective Local SEO Campaigns

Whether you run a marketing agency or own a local business, there are many reasons to focus on local SEO. Google has improved its ability to show results based on intent and location, thereby leading to appropriate local results showing up for many search terms. Local competition has also gotten tougher, so most niches require a dedicated approach to ranking. …

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Fred Algo

Google’s Fred Algo: The Sandstorm Low Down

By now you must have heard about the infamous Fred Algo update.  If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of pertinent facts and our recommendations. Name: Fred Algo Update. Why is is called that? : Google’s Gary Illyes, jokingly suggested that all updates be named “Fred.” from now on.  The SEO community agreed and there you go. Who does it affect? : …

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Local SEO Strategies: How to Maximize Your Brand’s Visibility Online

Implementing a local SEO strategy is an essential part of your company’s online marketing plan. In fact, 85 percent of consumers use the internet to search for local services. Ignoring local SEO is like planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your business without mailing invitations. If your company’s goal is to attract local customers who need your service, you must invite …

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Want to Improve Your SEO Rank? Learn How to Use a Content Silo

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, people often place their content randomly within a website or blog, but this mistake will reduce the effectiveness of any SEO effort. If you would like to combat this problem so that you don’t fall into the same trap, then learning how to use a content silo is a smart move. You …

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5 Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research

Keyword research can make or break SEO content. Choosing the wrong keywords, or ones that don’t relate to each other, can cause your website’s search engine rank to fall. Search engines are programmed to show their readers content which is relevant, and choosing keywords is a large part of ensuring that your content is shown to the right readers. 1. …

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4 Ways To Increase Click-Through Rates In Online Search Results

Tracking the click-through rates of search engine listings is something that should be a part of every SEO campaign. While click-through rates might not seem like the most exciting aspect of search engine optimization, they provide important insight that can be used to increase website traffic dramatically, and in turn, attract more leads and sales for your business. Here are …

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YouTube SEO Basics

YouTube SEO Basics: Titles, Descriptions and Tags

Although most people never stop to think about it, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, providing millions upon millions of video results spanning almost every topic imaginable. Just like content listed on any other search engine, YouTube videos need to be optimized in order to rank highly in search results. SEO on YouTube primarily centers …

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How to Use Google’s Penguin 4.0 Algorithm to Your Advantage

Google’s newest search algorithm, Penguin 4.0, had SEO professionals talking, panicking, and speculating when it went live on September 23. The update has two major components that will affect SEO: scope, timing, and automation. Here’s what the changes mean for you and how you can play nicely with Penguin 4.0: The point of Penguin Penguin is Google’s initiative to combat …

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Using 5 Star Reviews to Improve Local SEO

Local advertising has now progressed far beyond the Yellow Pages advertising of years past. If your website isn’t bringing in new customers for your business, then perhaps you need to rethink your local advertising strategies. Increasing your search visibility in Google is one such option, but Adwords or link building campaigns may not attract enough customers to justify the cost. …

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Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner To Supercharge Your SEO

Google Keyword Planner is essential for ensuring your website ranks as high as possible in Google’s search engine results. It offers an array of tools that help you identify popular keywords and keyword phrases, allowing you to focus your SEO efforts. In addition, Google Keyword Planner will filter keyword research results to weed out poorly performing keywords. It can also …

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