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What Goes into an Effective Call to Action?

The call to action (CTA) is probably the most important element on any website. It functions to inspire, motivate, and ultimately move the reader to act on any number of things, such as to donate, register, and learn more. Writing a CTA can be tricky. It takes more than just adding a hyperlink or a flashy button to get someone …

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8 Simple Digital Marketing Hacks that Increase Conversions

Every business knows that digital marketing takes a lot of time and effort before it starts to pay off, but any successful marketer also knows that the digital world cannot be ignored if they are to keep up with the competition. While every successful digital marketer already knows the importance of having great content, an excellent user experience and a …

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Introduction to Conversion Optimization

If you want your online business to succeed, it’s important to understand the concepts behind conversion optimization, a method that aims to increase a website’s conversion rate. This knowledge will help you figure out how many visitors you’re turning into leads, customers, or reps. Conversion Rate: Your website’s conversion rate measures how many visitors take the action your content encourages …

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5 Conversion Optimization Tips for E-commerce Websites

Conversion optimization is the process of using data and feedback to improve your website, ultimately to increase sales and generate more leads. For an e-commerce site, optimizing conversions is especially important as it can have a significant impact on each transaction. If you can earn more on average from each customer, you can afford to invest more into advertising and …

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Homepage Failing to Convert? Use These 4 Rules to Improve Results

If you’re considering a website redesign or want to generate more leads from your website, it’s important to start with your homepage. Many businesses fail to optimize their homepage for conversions, despite the fact that it’s the doorway to a high proportion of their web traffic. Your homepage is often the first experience potential customers have of your business. This …

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5 Tips for Optimizing e-Forms for Increased Conversion

In the field of conversion rate optimization, or CRO, web forms are one of the most important factors to pay attention to. That is because the main goal of a business website, namely conversion, is almost always reached by the filling in of a form. By optimizing your web forms you can increase the number of visitors that take action, …

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Conversion Optimization Through Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data for those looking to optimize their conversion, whether a webmaster is interested in very basic site tweaks or a comprehensive testing process. Optimizing your conversion often requires a level of experimentation, and Google Analytics can give you insight into changes that may be beneficial, in addition to showing you exactly how these changes …

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Secrets of a Home Page: 10 Second Lead Generation

You meet new people almost every day. And every single time, within the first ten seconds of meeting that new person, you will generate a general impression. Sometimes that first impression turns out to be wrong. Nevertheless, it can have a lasting impact on your opinion of that person. The same goes for a company website. Your website, and your …

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