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The Three Bears of Content Distribution

Once upon a time a young maiden started a career in the world of content marketing and thought that strolling through a meadow with a basket full of SEO tips seemed like the beginning, middle, and end of a beautiful fairytale. Things were simple back in the day – and then reality struck. One day the maiden realized that she …

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10 Steps to Putting Together a Content Creation Calendar

Any company embarking on building and growing its digital brand needs to have a content creation calendar. After all, success is no longer about randomly creating content. Instead, it’s about having a forward-thinking plan, defining when content will be created, and most importantly, outlining the internal and external resources you’ll need to take your company’s content to the next level. …

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Five Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Nearly every content marketer has experienced this frustration: You’ve planned your strategy, done all the necessary research and created interesting content, but you’re not getting results. The new leads and increased sales you expected haven’t materialized. While content marketing can be a powerful tool when done correctly, a few errors can sabotage your efforts. Let’s review some of the most …

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5 Social Media Content KPIs Your Should Measure Today

Key performance indicators, return on investment, metrics, and analytics…, everyone who is anyone on social media can’t stop talking about these. Any business owner who has a social media presence wants to know if messages are being seen and read. More importantly, they want to know if social media marketing is contributing to the business in a positive way. The …

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5 Must-Discover Audience Analytics Tools for Buyer Persona Sleuths

Are you responsible for digging up details on buyer personas for your company’s content marketing team? Are you on the hunt for tools that can ensure your owned media is targeted at specific customers within your sales funnel? There are a number of audience analytics tools you can consider adding to your marketer’s resource list. Following are five tempting targeting …

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