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Optimising Your Twitter Profile with Twitter Cards [Guide]

Twitter recently launched their Twitter cards service. Twitter cards allows site owners to add functionality to display summaries of their site content on their Twitter profile and tweets.  Think of it as rich snippets for Twitter. This is a golden opportunity for brand and direct response marketers. Do not overlook it. Currently, Twitter allows for three types of cards: summary: …

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Adapt Your SEO For Trends: Real-Time & Local Search

The majority of SEO’s focus on optimising for desktop/laptop search results.  The good ones (#97 in particular) are aware of the latest search trends and incorporate optimisation techniques that always keep their clients on top and ahead of the game. Here is a quick overview of two important search trends you should be aware of; real-time search and local search. Real-time …

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Annotate Google Analytics For SEO Insights [Guide]

With all the changes Google’s algorithm goes through each year, it’s worth keeping track of how this affects your website’s traffic.   Use this 4-step guide to annotate your Analytics account with Google’s algorithm updates. 1. I’m assuming you have a Google Analytics account.  If you don’t, sign up for one here. 2. Now, you need to get a list of all the updates …

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[How to] Get More Facebook ‘Likes’

Every small business should have a Facebook Fan Page or account. Social networking bridges the gap between people from different locations and walks of life. When used to its full potential, Facebook can bring in more customers and can improve your revenue exponentially. The “Like” button in particular is a powerful tool because it allows an update to appear in …

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Viral Advertising: The Minute Guide

With the rise of social media, connections between consumers have never been more valuable. The sharing of articles, videos, photos, and other content has been heralded as one of the best and most successful methods of getting attention for your business. Viral advertising can be tricky however, and it’s sometimes easy to get it wrong. The Basics Viral advertising is …

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