Launch of our API Powered Reporting Dashboard

In our continuous effort to be more and more accountable and transparent with our client campaigns reporting we’re really excited to announce the latest addition to our reporting suite: API-Powered Reporting Dashboards. This compliments the SEO client reporting platform we launched in 2013.

We started testing these dashboards earlier this year and are now rolling them out across our clients.

The APIs connect our client’s campaigns across paid, owned and earned media to provide a robust holistic view of all activities in one place. Simply amazing.

The screenshot below shows the APIs we currently support (more being added soon!)


And, a screenshot of how easy it is, with a click of a button, to connect any of the APIs available within the platform for a customized dashboard providing actionable real time marketing data in one place.:


And, below, is a screenshot of a test Social Media reporting dashboard for our @Sandstormdigit account.

Sandstorm Digital Social Dashboard

If you’re a client you’ll hear from us about them next week. If you’re not a client and want to learn more, please get in touch using the contact form in the footer below…

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