Attn. Marketers: Mobile Friendliness & Speed Now Top Priority


Google is now increasingly focusing on Mobile friendliness and speed of websites.  These need to be prioritized by marketers to ensure optimum mobile SEO performance.

Google officials reported that more than 200 factors played into the mobile-friendliness of a webpage. Factors include font size, button-to-button distances, scannable content and site responsive design.

Sites that meet the mobile criteria are awarded with a grey button in the mobile SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) with a grey “mobile friendly” text below the listing, and get favorable treatment in mobile SERPS.


See image on the right for one of our clients (Souqalmal.com) ranking position one for “Personal Loans in Dubai”.  The mobile friendly badge is highlighted in red.

April 21st is Google’s deadline for all sites to get their act together.

Tools to test for Mobile Friendliness

Some of the free tools provided by Google to use to test if your site is mobile friendly:

Google provides this handy tool to test your overall mobile friendliness: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Other tools to troubleshoot and optimize for speed and performance issues can be found below..

Note that this algo change is on a page by page basis, so make sure you check your homepage as well as categories, and pages (products, info pages, etc).

Final note

Being mobile friendly alone does not guarantee top mobile results, overall SEO is needed and speed and usability are key to that.

If you have any questions about this, please ask us in the comments below.

About Mohamed Alazzawy
Mohamed is a Senior SEO Planner at Sandstorm Digital FZE working on high profile accounts such as National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), Etisalat, Meraas, City Index and Souqalmal.com. His experience includes both the technical and content aspects of SEO.

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