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Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Media’ – What Marketers Need to Know

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Are you using Facebook to grow your business? Does your social media team post frequent updates on Facebook to engage with your target audience? Facebook has just rolled out Facebook Media, a best practices guide for business users and public figures. Are you ready for immerse yourself in the nitty-gritty details? Here’s what you need to know:

– Public figures are encouraged to use ‘Facebook Mentions‘ as a means of increasing connections with target users. Meant for influential users like actors and media personalities, Mentions helps influencers source relevant conversations.

– Business users are encouraged to upload video to increase engagement. Best practices advice is offered as well as suggested scenarios, i.e. thank you videos.

– Facebook wants you to increase your social media referrals. Dig into their referrals best practices guide for suggestions like optimizing share buttons and tweaking your posting frequency schedule.

– Facebook wants you to consider integrating ‘social content’ into your marketing strategy by investigating the numerous API tools available. Check out options like the Hashtag Counter API, the Instagram API, and the Topic Insights API for suggestions on integrating currently trending content into your social marketing calendar.

The launch of Facebook Media is an excellent opportunity to re-examine your overall marketing strategy on this powerhouse platform. From the content you offer to the tools you use to reach potential new customers, each touch-point can be investigated to maximize the return on investment your business receives for your efforts.

Will you be digging into this newly launched engagement tool?

About Omar Kattan
Omar is MD & Chief Strategy Officer at Sandstorm Digital. His experience includes 10 years in traditional marketing and advertising in the Middle East and a further 10 years at two of the largest media agencies in the UK. Follow Omar on Twitter for updates on the latest in digital, branding, advertising and marketing.

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