Ranking High on Microsoft Bing: 10 SEO Tips



Microsoft’s Bing is the biggest challenger to Google today on the search front. Although Bing has not been successful in thwarting Google’s supremacy in search, it handles over 30.5 percent of searches done worldwide, and that accounts for millions of website visits. Ranking on Bing for your targeted keywords is an easy process. This article lists 10 tips to rank high on Bing search.

1. Use Bing Webmaster Tools

Similar to Google, Microsoft also provides statistics for webmasters through Bing Webmaster Tools. You should sign your website up on Bing Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap. You can analyze various statistics of your site through Bing Webmaster Tools: impressions, clicks, crawl rate, etc. Using Bing Webmaster Tools, you can analyze your website well and identify the areas of improvement.

2. Quality, Unique Content

Bing identifies pages with thin content and chooses most of the time not to index them, unlike Google, which indexes them anyway but ranks them down. The best way to rank high on Bing is by coming up with highly targeted unique content. The user experience (design, navigation, loading time, ads-to-content ratio, etc.) of your website is also an important deciding factor of success. Also, make sure that your content is free of grammar and punctuation errors.

3. On-Page SEO

For Bing, all things that you normally do for on-page optimization for Google apply. Your website should have a proper title tag, description, meta tags, alt tags for images, heading tags to separate text, and targeted keywords on articles. You should focus on doing proper keyword research before writing content, since that can help you rank better for some specific keywords.

4. Use Microdata

Bing values Schema.org Microdata as much as Google does. This protocol to properly identify content has been developed by Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Schema.org rich snippets can be included in your web pages to identify a specific person, review, company, image, recipe, multimedia content, etc. The schema is used to identify the semantic relationships existing between various elements. If you use it properly, you will be contributing positively to the web.

5. Be Socially Active

One of Bing’s major requirements is being active on the social media scene. You need to have as many followers, likes, and shares as you can achieve. Focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for getting your content listed and ranking faster on Bing. Create social media sharing buttons on your web pages in order to help people share your content easily.

6. On-Page Factors

For Bing also, on-page optimization factors are very important. Make sure your content is keyword-rich. Bing requires you to have relevant keywords in a density closer to 2 percent. HTML tags such as titles and headings should be keyword-rich as well. Also, ensure that you don’t have keyword stuffing anywhere.

7. Website Structure

You need to improve the navigation structure of your website in order to facilitate faster crawling by the Bing bot. SEO-friendly URLs, faster navigation menus, sitemaps, etc., can help Bing index your content faster. Use RSS feeds and XML sitemaps to ensure that the content is indexed by the search engine. Also, do away with Flash and AJAX content, as they cannot be interpreted by Bing.

8. Geographical Signals

Bing takes into account the geography of a web page more than Google. The search engine continuously tries to identify which country a particular web page is appropriate for. Geographical signals that Bing uses include the IP address, server location, top-level domain, location of the backlinks, meta GEO tags, etc.

9. Reduce Bounce Rate

These days, bounce rate is more important for SEO than it used to be. Bounce rate is the rate of visitors that leave a web page after visiting only one page. There can be a number of reasons for this: the website navigation is not appropriate; the web page is not interesting enough; the web page doesn’t provide additional links where important information can be found; etc. In your website, try to provide maximum value to the visitors by providing unique, useful content and links to other exciting internal pages. Make your visitors at home by providing the content and navigation faster.

10. Relevant Links and Anchor Text

One of the most important aspects of ranking for Bing is bringing in high-quality, authority links with appropriate anchor text. Guest-blogging (not spammy guest-blogs), article marketing, sponsorships, etc., can help you earn links.


Ranking for Bing search is also important for websites today. Bing controls a major percentage of worldwide searches. If you rank well on this search engine, you are sure to get more visitors to your website and thereby more business leads.

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