How to Write a Mobile App Description That Sells


Your mobile app description is fundamentally a sales pitch. A description with a precise message will drive more visitors to your site, but added appeal, novelty, and creativity in the presentation can inspire a lot more interest. Use the guidelines below to craft your app description so that it sells.

The Hook

The best descriptions have a “hook” – something that cuts down your sales legwork by provoking curiosity among readers. Long, detailed content is an old-school approach, so create a short and punchy description that saves time and appeals to productive people.

Application Store Optimization

It is best to write your description like advertising copy. Application store optimization (ASO) affects the number of viewers in the app store. The content and keywords in your app description influence ASO in the same way as web page content influences search engine optimization (SEO). Identify relevant keywords to optimize your content, but remember to limit the number you use: too many keywords may lead to negative effects.


Even though keywords are important, content quality should be given top priority to convert viewers into customers. Your target audience should be focused and well-defined, rather than the search engines, for better results. Your description should explain the app’s features in a friendly tone, without using complicated terms, and should list all the benefits for the user. It should also explain how the app works, preferably with examples. Invite readers to download the app twice: once in the body of the description and again at the end.

Introductory Paragraph

The introduction paragraph must instantly grab your readers: Internet users are fickle and have terrible concentration spans, so your opening paragraph must be catchy. The materialistic portion that adds on to the intrinsic value has to be presented in the initial lines of description. It should represent the benefits of using the app in a concise manner. A few words explaining how the app works can be added as evidence to prove your point.

Appealing conclusion

The special attention given to your opening lines of description must also be given to the conclusion. This is your last opportunity to convince the audience to buy the app immediately, so summarize the significant benefits and include a strong call to action.

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