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Useful Measurement & Analytics Resources

three dimensional graph growth

At Sandstorm we live and breathe data.  With so much of it out there, how can you not?

Thankfully, there’s a plethora of tools out there (free and commercial) that can provide you with the insights you need to measure your website and marketing campaign activities and tweek as necessary to improve performance.

Here are some of the tools we use on behalf of our clients.

  • Google Analytics – A free and robust analytics tool from Google.
  • Klout – Measures overall social media influence
  • Website Grader – Free tools from Hubspot that grade a site on analytics and social media factors
  • Alexa – Website traffic information
  • Compete.com – Site Analytics comparison tool.
  • Quantcast – Analytics and site demographics
  • Woopra – Real-time web analytics, live chat, and statistics, including tracking conversion and funnel reports
  • Sysomos – Monitor scoial media conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums and blogs
  • Facebook Insights – Provides Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around content
  • Fourscore – Foursquare Analytics

Over to you

Which measurement and Analytics tools do you use to measure and analyse your website and campaign data? share below…

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Omar is MD & Chief Strategy Officer at Sandstorm Digital. His experience includes 10 years in traditional marketing and advertising in the Middle East and a further 10 years at two of the largest media agencies in the UK. Follow Omar on Twitter for updates on the latest in digital, branding, advertising and marketing.

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