Rolex Icons Campaign SERP

Google Moves From Strings To Things With rel=author

I’ve written quite a few times about the importance of content authorship for ranking and SERP conversions on Google.

In his latest video, Matt Cutts reaffirms the importance of authored content and the move away from an anonymous web to a web built on identity, the knowledge graph and the authority of not only content publishers but also content authors.


Example of Authored Content On Google SERP

Below is an example of a recent post I wrote about Rolex’ new Icons Campaign.  Notice how Google is displaying my website’s listing in its SERP (Search Engines Results Page); Picture, name, Google Circles summary.

My authored content appears on position #1 above that of other websites writing about the same topic.  It also provides more of an incentive to click through and read what I have to say about the campaign.

Rolex Icons Campaign SERP


  • Focus on building up your personal authority as well as that of your website.
  • If you’re a brand, start thinking about content marketing and building up the authority of individuals within your organisations.
  • Avoid posting anonymous content as an SEO tactic.  The value of such content is quickly eroding.
  • Ensure all properties you post content on are tagged to let Google know it’s yours.

Over to You

Have you optimised your content for authorship?  What’s been your experience?  Share below…

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