JC Penny - Hitler Kettle

How We Leverage QDF For Content Marketing

Last week, JC Penney was caught up in a social media PR disaster when one of its products (a kettle) was compared to Hitler.

See below.

JC Penny - Hitler Kettle

It inspired me to write this short post.

The Power of QDF

Google’s algorithm has a freshness component commonly referred to as QDF (Query Deserves Freshness).
In a nutshell, Google surfaces fresh content associated with current events as and when users search for current and trending topics.
In the unfortunate case of JC Penny, Google is now surfacing the news snippets associated with the above story right under the company’s website listing.  
See the awesome power of QDF  in action below. 

Example of QDF - JC Penny SERP


How to use QDF in your Content Marketing Plan

At Sandstorm Digital we are passionate about content planning and marketing.

A big part of what we do revolves around research and mapping our client’s language to their marketing activities (Owned, Earned and Paid).

This language discovery and mapping coupled with an overlay of all current and future events surrounding our clients’ niches allows us to proactively produce relevant and timely content surrounding events of interest to our client’s customers.  This makes the brand more relevant, timely and authoritative in the eyes of consumers;  an important search engine ranking factor.

This type of planning may also be used in proactive online reputation management (ORM); in the case of JC Penney, unfortunately this may not have been avoidable.

If you’re interested in how we can leverage QDF in your content marketing plan, do get in touch.

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