Improve Alexa Rank

HOW TO: Improve Alexa Rank

Improve Alexa Rank

The Alexa rank of your website is one of the publicly available metrics about the traffic of your blog or website. It doesn’t have a direct correlation to the amount of traffic that you get to your website, as Alexa only counts the visits to your website by visitors who have installed the Alexa toolbar on their browser.

Common Alexa Myth Dispelled

Your website’s Alexa rank doesn’t directly impact the traffic that you get to your site, nor does it improve your search engine rankings or the popularity of your website on social media websites in any way. Then it might seem that improving your website’s Alexa rank is a pretty pointless thing to do. But having a good Alexa rank is important for one reason: attracting advertisers.

Why Should you care About Your Alex Rank?

If you own a blog or website, then you’re probably earning an income from it. That means that your site is your business, and you rely on advertisers to generate an income from it. Advertisers choose to advertise on only the blogs with the highest traffic, so your Alexa rank plays an important role in letting the advertisers know how much traffic your site is getting. A good Alexa rank also allows you to charge a higher price for advertisers to advertise on your blog. If you’re planning to sell your website in the future, then the Alexa rank also influences the price you can set on your website.

How do you improve your Alexa rank?

Well, there are a number of things that you can do.

1. Ask your visitors to install Alexa Toolbar

The first thing you can do is to ask your visitors to install the Alexa toolbar. Alexa only counts the visits of those visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. If a visitor does not have the Alexa toolbar installed, then his or her visit goes uncounted. It’s important that you tell your visitors to install the toolbar in a non-intrusive kind of way so that it doesn’t negatively impact the way your visitors consume the content on your site. If that happens, then it might drastically decrease your site’s credibility.

2. Verify your site with Alexa

Next, verify your website on Alexa. This can be done by adding a meta tag to your home page. You should add it right after the head tag. There are other methods of verification, but this is the one that can positively impact your website’s Alexa rank the most. Even after your site has been verified, don’t remove the meta tag, but keep it there. This should increase your Alexa rank by quite a bit.

3. Add Alexa badge

Add an Alexa badge to your blog. A badge is a little image or banner that can sit in your website’s sidebar. Alexa has a variety of badges to choose from. Putting such a badge on your website should also help improve your site’s Alexa rankings considerably.

4. Increase number of reviews for your Alexa listing

Another important factor in determining your site’s Alexa rank is the number of positive reviews that are left for your site on Alexa. You can leave a review for your own website on Alexa by yourself. After that, a good idea to get more reviews would be to exchange reviews with other bloggers and webmasters. Write a review for them, and they will write a review for you. This is great practice and can positively impact your site’s Alexa rank by a good extent.

Final thoughts…

Finally, always keep in mind that Alexa rankings have almost nothing to do with the amount of traffic that you get to your site, or the all-important relationship that you build with your site’s regular visitors. Once you have performed the above steps, forget about Alexa. Focus on other, more natural ways to increase your site’s traffic, such as social media.

Increasing your traffic will improve your site’s Alexa rankings on the side. And never, ever underestimate the importance of quality content. It has been said numerous times, but here we go again: content is king.

Here are a number of simple and useful tips that you can implement to improve the quality of content on your site:

  • Write quality, useful content that benefits the reader in some way. This way visitors will link back to them. Quality posts on your blog are good long-term investments, as they will always hold some value.
  • Use numbering and bullet points so visitors can take in the content quickly.
  • Make sure all external links open in a new tab, so that visitors don’t stray away from your site.
  • Add good, descriptive images to enhance the appeal of your content.

Ultimately, don’t get too obsessed with Alexa. Focus on what’s important, such as quality content and building a relationship with your visitors.

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