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Even the savviest SEO experts are immensely challenged when it comes to getting their website first page rankings on Google.

Websites that can successfully pull together a blended platform showcasing both video and text-based content, may find a powerful edge to improve their authority and ranking on Google.

While many companies are scrambling to post video content, nearly as many are not.

At Sandstorm we do lots of video marketing. It’s partly why we’re so successful at marketing our clients’ businesses as well as our own. It’s also why we’re so successful at SEO.

Thousands of videos are posted onto Google and YouTube daily but many of these videos are not optimized for search engines (SEO); those that are, stand to reap the rewards.

Here are some tips to get you started on proper SEO techniques for your video marketing efforts.

Video Sitemap

After posting your video on YouTube, make sure to submit a video sitemap to Google.

Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, SEO staffers can design a formatted sitemap specifically for video content. This increases the likelihood of Google including your video in its blended search results.

If you’re unsure about how to create a video sitemap, Google video sitemap and go through the various tutorials available online.

Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Titles are unequivocally essential for nabbing Google’s attention.

Craft them carefully to include important keywords near the beginning of the title as well as the company name or brand.

The description of your video should include a concise summary of its contents. This is also an opportunity to include a link to your website or blog where more information can be found.

Your tags should be relevant to the content of the video, and be sure to list them in order of importance.

Be informative

Research shows that Google favors information-based videos.

This might be product demonstrations, tutorials, how-tos, or simply explanatory video content. Whatever the format, informative videos appear to hold a lot of water with Google.

If your classic sales pitch videos aren’t getting Google’s attention or boosting your ranking, consider revamping your video marketing campaign. Instead of simply trying to sell a pipe fitting, consider making a video of a demonstration showing a competent plumber walking your audience through its installation.

Information-based videos will garner more points with Google and is also likely to be more preferable to your audience.

Craft videos for Facebook and other social media websites

Social media marketing can help promote your video through likes, shares, and direct links that send targeted traffic to your website.

The more attention your video gets the more it’s likely to benefit your marketing efforts and improve your site’s performance in the search results.

Short, to the point videos are more likely to be shared than ten-minute ordeals.

Create interesting question-based video content that challenges your audience and generates feedback and engagement. If your video can get people talking and bloggers writing, you’ve succeeded.

Understand the audience/understand your goal

When thinking about video content, think about your audience and your goals. Be very clear about what precisely it is you’re trying to accomplish.

It may be to get more brand awareness or simply to drive more traffic to your website.  Either way, having a target and a goal in mind can help you in the design process.

The video should also target a specific audience and platform.

For instance, if you’re targeting women on CaféMom, a social media site for mothers, it makes sense to feature a woman and relatable information that mothers, in particular, will want to consume.

Think about producing tailored video content for multiple social media platforms—there are hundreds!  Most may be well tailored to your video content, but some may need a tweak or two.

Tell them what they’re going to see

Unless you can wow your audience from the get-go you may want to provide a quick overview of what’s coming.

“New Age” audiences have short attention spans, particularly when it comes to branded content. Research shows they do not want to be sold to.

Your audience is seeking tailored communication that provides helpful and informative content.  If your video is informative, your audience will watch it.  If it’s not, they won’t; simple as that.

Be concise, tell them what they’re going to see and avoid gimmicks and sales speak.

A final word

Google says it values SEO for humans and not search engines.

It makes sense then to create personable videos that provide useful information delivered by someone sincere, knowledgeable, and even funny.  This can go a long way in creating a watchable video that gets shared.

Keep videos as short as possible, but optimally filled with essential information.

The above tips will improve your video marketing efforts and garner the attention of your customers (current and potential).

If all else fails and if resources allow, hire a company (Like Sandstorm Digital) skilled at video marketing.

Over to you…

Do you do any video marketing?  Do your videos rank?  Do you have any further tips to add?  Share below…

About Omar Kattan
Omar is MD & Chief Strategy Officer at Sandstorm Digital. His experience includes 10 years in traditional marketing and advertising in the Middle East and a further 10 years at two of the largest media agencies in the UK. Follow Omar on Twitter for updates on the latest in digital, branding, advertising and marketing.
Omar Kattan
Omar Kattan

@Mark, not sure what you mean by your question. Video length has nothing to do with the value of video to SEO.

Omar Kattan
Omar Kattan

@Oli, thanks! Press releases have to stand out to be read. The days of churning out long -dull- text based releases are long gone. Video is an excellent way to distinguish your brand from the crowd and to bring attention to your news.

Mark Etingchap
Mark Etingchap

Many thanks for this enlightening post, chap. I wonder, though, if Google values content for humans and not search engines, isn't it ultimately self-defeating to 'make videos as short as possible' or any similar advice? I have no desire to be flippant here, I just perceive a contradiction in most of the current SEO advice on offer at the moment.


Thanks Omar, As usual great stuff! SEO for video is coming up for as tricky area for lots of us, especially when we've got great content to share. Q: Would it also benefit to embed a video into a online press release?

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