10 Ways To Enhance Your Google AuthorRank


Back in November I wrote a guide on Google authorship and urged marketers to focus on ensuring that the proper Google Plus markup is implemented across all content being produced by a brand’s author.

A storm is brewing at Google & authorship is at the heart of it

What prompted me to write this follow-up post is an interesting discussion about AuthorRank happening over at WebmasterWorld.

Google has long been trying to figure out a way to improve its search results by incorporating content authorship into the mix of over 200 factors it uses to rank pages.  In fact, a few years ago it filed a similar patent called AgentRank intended for the same purpose.

Google Plus profiles was the final piece of the puzzle and allowed Google to accomplish the goal of organizing content under authors.

Over the next few months, -I predict- AuthorRank will be a crucial factor determining if and where your content ranks.

Tips to build Author Rank

Provided you’ve already followed my previous advice and properly configured your profiles with the proper mark-up to tell Google who you are, you’re now ready to follow these steps to ensure you’re ready for Google’s game changing move.

  1. Ensure your authored content is found on high pagerank sites.
  2. Produce content that generates lots of +1s/shares to your author profile.
  3. Get onto as many Google Plus circles as possible.  This maybe a bit out of your control and depends on how popular and authoritative you are.  But at a minimum work on your connections and ensure you’ve been included onto their circles.
  4. Identify authoritative authors and try to connect with them by reciprocating circles.
  5. Get your content published on high authority sites such as the Huffington Post for instance.
  6. Make sure all your content is shared on Google Plus and make an effort to generate discussion and +1s.  (tip: the better quality the content, the more likely it’ll garner interaction)
  7. Following from the tip above, ensure that your blog posts garner comments and likes.
  8. Increase your YouTube subscribers and encourage engagement with your authored videos.  This works best if you’ve treated Youtube as the community it is rather than a one way broadcast center.
  9. Finally, while these factors are a bit out of your control, try to work on them as you can bet Google will use them to rank authors:
  10. Improve mentions in Google News, Wikipedia and try to publish your work on Google Books and Scholar.

Over to you

Have you taken the necessary steps to future-proof your SEO by optimizing your authored content?  Do you believe content authorship will have a big impact on ranking pages?  Share your views, tips and experiences…

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