Middle East Second Fastest Growing Online Region

Middle East Second Fastest Growing Online Region. Ready?

Middle East Second Fastest Growing Online Region

In our ongoing efforts to spread digital knowledge and education in the region, we’ve created this short MotionGraphic highlighting the urgency in adopting an online strategy for the Middle East.

We hope you enjoy it, and do subscribe to our Youtube channel as we’ll be producing many more of these moving forward.

Stats highlighted in this video:

1) Growth of internet starting at 16 million in 1993; 500 million in 2001; 1 billion in 2005 and over 2 billion today.

2) Number of online users per continent

  • Asia: One billion!
  • N. America: 274 million
  • S. America: 254 million
  • Africa: 167 million
  • Australia: 24 million
  • Europe: 518 million
  • Middle East (although not technically a continent!):  90 million online users and 2nd fastest growing (after South Asia)

3) Saudi Arabia has largest number of online users: 13 million (excluding Iran).

4) Internet penetration in Arab World: 47% (world average is 34%).

5) Qatar has highest per capita online users (86%) followed by Bahrain (77%), Kuwait (74%) and UAE (71%).

Data source: World Internet Sats

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