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Top Three Free Email Marketing Software Providers

Free Email Providers

Whether large or small, virtually any company that offers goods or services can benefit from email marketing. You can use bulk email services to send newsletters, sales promotions, product advertisements, special offers and any other correspondence to a large number of customers or potential clients with a click of a button.

To implement this useful strategy, you must enlist the services of an email marketing software provider. Depending on the provider and service plan selected, you’ll receive various tools to manage your email marketing campaign. Most plans include software that allows you to embed an email sign-up page on your website. This enables customers and potential clients to join your company’s email list to recieve marketing communicatuons for you.

Maintaining a member sign-up page is imperative if you use bulk email marketing, as the laws against spam or junk email are stricter than ever. Sending unsolicited emails can be considered spam, and most email marketing software providers will guard against such behavior.

Though highly effective, email marketing services usually cost a bundle but thankfully, several websites offer free email marketing software plans that include various tools and services to promote successful marketing campaigns.  Here are three of my favourites:


With over 575,000 users, including several well-known companies, Mail Chimp delivers a plethora of free email marketing features. Members of the Mail Chimp Forever Free Plan can store up to 1,000 email subscribers and send up to 6,000 emails each month. With its extensive email allowance, this plan should easily fit the marketing needs of most small business owners; and Mail Chimp guarantees never to ask for a credit card number.

Mail Chimp supplies a wide range of marketing tools to its users, including social media sharing features for, email sign-up pages for recruitment of email list members, various tracking capabilities to monitor marketing campaigns, integration with e-commerce sites to make the sale process simple, and templates for nearly any type of campaign so that you can create professional emails and other advertisements.

For larger companies that send over 6,000 marketing emails per month or maintain more than 1,000 email subscribers, Mail Chimp also offers more extensive plans. If you purchase the $15 monthly plan or higher, you can send an unlimited number of marketing emails each month. The limit of email subscribers increases from 1,000 to 2,500 when users purchase the $30 monthly plan, and this limit grows higher with each subsequent plan there-after.

Mail Chimp also offers a plan where users can pay a specific dollar amount and receive credits for a specific number of emails. For example, if you pay $9, you can send 300 marketing emails; at a cost of $0.03 per email.


A relatively new site in the email marketing field, Campaigner.com, offers an impressive range of free services. Mostly geared towards owners of small to medium-sized businesses, this site allows members to send an unlimited number of marketing campaigns to up to 500 contacts. In addition to the vast email allowance, Campaigner also provides over 500 email templates for users to choose from, 1MB of data storage and constant online support from the site’s marketing experts.

Unlike most other email marketing service providers, Campaigner.com doesn’t offer paid memberships; therefore, users will never be asked to provide payment information.


EmailMarketingProfessional.com allows users to download completely free email marketing software that includes a variety of features. With Email Marketing Pro, members limits to sending emails are lifted and they can implement a built-in database of an unlimited number of contact groups. This free software also supports remote SMTP server authentication, marketing campaign/email personalisation, saving and reuse of previously utilised emails, and statistics calculation.

If you require more features than what the free download offers, you may choose to upgrade your plan for $49.98. If you choose to purchase this package, you receive benefits such as faster downloads and increased technical support availability.

Regardless of your specific plan, you may experience astounding results from a successful email marketing campaign. Before making a decision on which email marketing software provider to use,  conduct intensive research to pinpoint which one best fits your needs.

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Mailchimp is a waste of time, I would not recommend their service at all. I spent three days formatting all of my lists into their program and they refused to send it out. It was a financial product campaign regulated by the FSA. Then their support did not return any of my contacts. I have a feeling that they take the email addresses and sell it at a later date


Mailchimp is one of the least trust worthy providers. I created a free account with them, and after some time in using it they suspended my account and stopped replying to my contacts to the support. They claim the reason is that I imported an email list to the account which included invalid emails and caused high bounce rate in sending. I don't see this is a valid reason to suspend an account of a customer who entrusted their services, as their system could have validated the email list upon import. They can't see the system drawback, and simply putting the blame on the user. Moreover, having the customer support not responding to users communication is a very disgusting behavior!

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