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4 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Isn’t Converting

In the realm of internet marketing, traffic spells the difference between your website being a success or a complete flop. Of course, once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of attracting enough eyeballs, you need to have a strategy in place to entice visitors to buy your product.

Many internet marketers and bloggers have managed to attain enviable amounts of traffic, but are scratching their heads over low conversion rates. Following are some of the reasons your web traffic might not be converting to sales. Fortunately, once you identify these issues, you can begin to address them in a systematic manner.

1. Your traffic isn’t targeted enough

You might be reeling visitors in by the hundreds or thousands, but one of the critical questions to answer is: are they the right audience? It’s essential to make sure you’re targeting the right people. If you’re selling productivity software, you probably won’t find a good conversion rate among those looking to buy fishing equipment. Individuals who have a specific problem that your product solves are the people you want to market to.

You can address this problem by focusing your advertising and backlinking efforts on relevant websites, such as forums and membership sites that are built around your niche. You might also want to make sure you’re using the appropriate tags and categories on social bookmarking sites, as well as engaging with the right individuals and groups on social networks. Once you’re sure that you’re reaching an audience who would actually purchase and benefit from your product, you can reasonably expect a positive difference in sales.

2. People in your niche aren’t looking to buy products

Even if you’re targeting the right people, are they willing to make the purchase?

Among internet marketers, it’s well known that some niches are simply easier to market to than others. In such niches, people often have a need that they would address immediately by buying a product because they can’t find reliable free information that suits their needs. In less profitable niches, people might not have the means to buy expensive products, or they might prefer to do their own research rather than buy the answers they seek. Every niche has it’s quirks that ultimately affect profitability.

If you’re struggling with conversion rates, it might well be that people aren’t actively buying the type of products you’re selling. Insomniacs might not rush to buy a product that teaches how to fall asleep faster; instead, they’ll visit their doctors or look up the many free articles online on the subject. On the other hand, DJs will often purchase music production software, because it can be difficult or expensive to meet their goals without doing so. Doing some market research and even using some of your own common sense will help you figure out whether a market is promising before you enter it. If people are spending money in your niche, you’re on the right track.

3. Your product’s sales page isn’t good enough

Some internet marketers overlook the quality of the sales pitch, which is detrimental. If your product’s sales page isn’t strong enough, your conversion rates will suffer, guaranteed.

Sales copy can have any number of problems. It can be written in a wordy, unwieldy style that loses the reader’s interest. It can fail to emphasize the most enticing aspects of the product, or to simply show the reader how it will improve his or her life. It can be full of distracting, flashy elements. It can suffer from a headline that fails to grab the attention of and “hook” the reader. Whatever the issue is, until it’s addressed, you’ll suffer from an unacceptable bounce rate and prospective customers will spend their money elsewhere. Critically examine your sales page to make sure it does the product justice, has a clear call to action, and convinces your audience that the product will solve their problems, and you’ll have a selling machine on your hands.

4.  Your website design and user experience fails to deliver

One of the most-ignored aspects of internet marketing is website design. If your website isn’t sharply designed or doesn’t provide a smooth, intuitive user experience, people will leave.

Make sure that you’re not neglecting the principles of good web design: easy site navigation, readable text, no reliance on flashy images, and non-intrusive (yet visible) ad placement. If people enjoy the experience that begins as soon as they land on your homepage, they’re much more likely to trust you, recommend you to others, and ultimately buy from you.

It’s all too easy to focus on making your product offer front-and-center and forget about everything else. However, if you incorporate good design principles and simply care about your visitor’s experience on your site, it’s much easier for those visitors to pull out their credit cards and support your efforts.

In a Nutshell…

Non-converting traffic can be a mystery, but one that is easily resolved once you identify your sticking points. Think about these areas and see if you can make improvements. Your web presence might just need a little grooming to spark an upsurge in conversions and exceed your profit expectations.

Over to you

Is your website traffic not converting as much as you’d like?  What are you doing about it?  Share your tips, thoughts and experience…

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