Facebook EdgeRank Are you News Worthy

Facebook EdgeRank: Are You Newsworthy?

Facebook EdgeRank Are you News WorthyThe hub of the Facebook ecosystem is each user’s personal newsfeed. This is where users go every time they log in to see their friends and “liked” pages’ most important updates.

But did you know that the Facebook newsfeed doesn’t show all updates?

In its default setting Facebook only shows what it deems to be the most important updates, and the majority of Facebook users never choose the option to see the “most recent” news.

The option can be found by clicking on the “sort” tab on the top right of the newsfeed but is largely ignored by users.

As a result, owners of a Facebook business page have to work hard at getting on that “top stories” list.

How is this done? By getting very familiar with EdgeRank.

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

EdgeRank works as a built-in filter to keep users from being overloaded with large volumes of updates from all their friends, as this would have a negative effect on user-experience. EdgeRank is an algorithm especially developed to determine which updates are worthy of the “top stories” list.

How Is EdgeRank Calculated?

The score given by EdgeRank to an update depends on three factors.

1. Affinity between sender and user

An affinity score is calculated based on the number of friends you have in common, the number of times you view each other’s profiles, and the number of reactions and “likes” between you.

Many interactions result in a higher affinity score; this translates to more visibility in the newsfeed.

2. Weighing of different “edges”

Each interaction on Facebook has an “edge” value, but not all interactions are equal.

A reaction to a post, for example, is worth more to the EdgeRank algo than a “like”.

Viewing someone’s profile without reacting to its content is also counted as an interaction.

3. Time of posting

It only makes sense that the older an update is, the less likely it will show up in your newsfeed. This is due to a lower time factor score score.

That is why you won’t see many updates that are more than a few days old in your newsfeed.

In a Nutshell…

EdgeRank allows Facebook to compile a personal and relevant newsfeed for each user.

Only updates with the highest EdgeRank score will show as top stories.The key to appearing on users’ newsfeeds is to engage them with posts and content that entices, so they will be more likely to react and interact with your page.

The most important thing for Facebook marketers is knowing how to appear in users’ newsfeeds. The sheer volume of material posted on Facebook everyday can make this a challenging task.

By understanding the Facebook algorithm, EdgeRank, you can increase your chances of appearing on the “top stories” list.

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