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Near Field Communication [NFC]: 3 Case Studies

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by bringing them into close proximity.

To bring it closer to home, Lodnon’s TFL (Oyster Card system) uses NFC technology in managing access to and use of the underground transport system.

NFC applications can include:

  • Access Control: Replacing traditional keys for either physical access (hotel room) or control (starting a car)
  • Ticketing: Replacing paper tickets for social events and public transportation
  • Contactless Payments: Mobile payments debited from financial or MNO linked accounts
  • Interactive World: Marketing and exchange of information such as schedules, maps, business card and coupon delivery using NFC Marketing tags
  • Media Sharing: Transfer images, videos, music between mobile phones
  • Social media e.g. “Like” on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter via NFC smart stickers in retail stores

NFC Case Studies

I’ve collated 3 of my favourite case studies that hopefully will provide you with some inspiration for your next NFC project.

1. NFC Case Study: Museum of London

The Museum of London uses NFC technology to help visitors find out more information about their exhibits from the website including:

  • access vouchers for the Museum’s shop and cafés
  • book tickets for future exhibitions, such as Dickens and London
  • learn more about exhibits such as the Lord Mayor’s Coach, a medieval brooch, a painting by Ronnie Kray and many more
  • join the Museum’s Friends scheme
  • buy a year of London’ history
  • buy Museum of London prints
  • follow, like and check-in at the Museum on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare
  • download the Soundtrack to London app for Nokia smartphones
  • find out about visiting the Museum

2. NFC Case Study – Veolia BPass

BPass service of Veolia  allows passengers to use their mobile as a transport pass, download tickets and get schedules in real time.

3. NFC Case Study – Zuma Fashions

Zuma have used NFC technology to engage customers and increase sales using smart poster and “fashion tags”.

Read the full case study and watch this video about smart posters.

Now over to you…

Have you interacted with brands using NFC technology in an interesting way? How would you like to see NFC used to make your life easier?  Share your thoughts…

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  1. […] 3 NFC case studies that hopefully will provide you with some inspiration for your next NFC project.  […]

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