4 Tried & Tested Methods to Improve Your Conversion Rate [TIPS]

croAre you looking for ways to increase sales revenue on your ecommerce site? These tips for improving your conversion rate will help you make the most out of the visitors your website already receives.

1. Answer Questions

Some customers fail to convert when they have unanswered questions. They may be afraid to contact customer service or a live chat assistant because they fear they will trap themselves in a hard sell situation. They may simply hate to appear ignorant.

If you do not answer these customers’ questions, you will lose the sales and lower your conversion rate.

To decrease the number of lost sales and increase your conversion rate, answer the most common questions in the copy on your call to action.

Common ecommerce questions include:

  • What are the payment options?
  • How much is shipping and handling?
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
  • Can I opt out of recurring charges at a later date?

If the questions crowd your copy, consider adding a button that leads to your frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Your website conversion rate and internet sales revenue will improve when customers have all the information they need to complete their purchase with confidence.

2. Create Timeliness

Customers love to procrastinate. Unless they need something right now, they will look for any excuse to put off a purchase. Time sensitive promotions help ecommerce websites overcome the desire to wait for a better deal or simply put off spending until a later date.

Placing a deadline on a promotion will create an image  of scarcity in the customer’s mind and encourage them to act now or miss out on the deal. This urgency will drive up your conversion rate.

Even when your offer does not contain an expiration date, you can create a sense of urgency in your customers by using time oriented phrases like:

  • Contact us today
  • Immediate access
  • Don’t delay

These phrases combined with explanations of benefits can boost your conversion rate when they convince your customers that lost time is lost value.

3. Make It Simple

Some websites make it difficult for customers to act on promotions by offering a promotion code on one page that disappears when the customer gets to the checkout page.

Others bury the call to action in a cluttered presentation so the customer gets confused about what he should do next. Confused customers become lost sales that drag down your conversion rate.

To combat confusion and drive up your conversion rate, you should strive to make it as simple as possible for your customers to:

  • See your promotion
  • Find the right link to click
  • Complete the action without backtracking

4. Split Test

Split testing your pages, and particularly your call to action, will help you test little tweaks that improve the customer experience and your conversion rate. Look for ways to make your promotion more visible and easy to complete, and you will increase your sales conversion rate.

Now Over to You

Do you have any tips on improving your website’s conversion rates? Share below.

About Omar Kattan
Omar is MD & Chief Strategy Officer at Sandstorm Digital. His experience includes 10 years in traditional marketing and advertising in the Middle East and a further 10 years at two of the largest media agencies in the UK. Follow Omar on Twitter for updates on the latest in digital, branding, advertising and marketing.

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